About Michael A Strickland


For more 25 years, Michael A. Strickland believes that every person he comes in contact with can be 3 things: Empowered, Encouraged, & Equipped. Hence, he is called the E3 guy. He is well known for his ability to energize any space he occupies. Michael is full of vitality and will always E3 any person he meets.

One of his favorite sayings by Ralph Waldo Emerson is: The creations of a thousand forests is in one acorn.  

The day came when the E3 guy had none of the three E’s. After a brief season of depression, Michael discovered that courage coupled with power and tools would sustain any individual regardless to what stage of life they are in.

Michael has coached, mentored, and touched the lives of countless individuals as he has witnessed life transformations take place through the recognition of potential. As Senior Pastor of Victory Tabernacle Church International, he disciples, mentors, and coach men and women to discover their greatest potential.

Michael has appeared on Atlanta Live television channel 57. He has traveled around the world and his international travel has taken him to Chania, India; London, England and Andobakedash, India.

His messages of empowerment will encourage anyone to realize their inner potential and thirst after the equipment that is needed to progress and maximize their greatest potential. 

Today, Michael is inspiring others to: know that the power to win lies within; find the courage to take the risks; and maximize their greatest potential. If you are ready to fulfill your God-given assignment in the earth, Coach Michael is ready to coach you.